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Association of Healthcare Providers (India) represents the vast majority of healthcare providers in India. It is registered under Society Registration ACT- 1860 as “not for profit” organization. It educates to its members and at the same time, advocates with the government, regulatory bodies and other stake holders on issues, which have bearing on enabling its member organizations in delivering of Universal Health Coverage to the community at large.

AHPI undertakes advocacy for healthcare reforms, infrastructural, taxation, tariff and issues relating to the health insurance. AHPI believes in building capacity in Indian health systems with focus on safety and affordability. AHPI Institute of Healthcare Quality& Patient Safetysupports to the industry through competency based certification programs. AHPI Healthcare Certification Centre is other subsidiary body of AHPI, which develops standards for patient safety and quality of care for different categories of healthcare organizations and certifies the compliance to these standards as third party.


AHPI aims at integrating healthcare providers to work jointly with the stakeholders including government and society for WELL BEING of common man and build healthy INDIA. AHPI as of now have 9 state chapters such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,Telangana, Gujarat, Delhi NCR, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

AHPI takes cognizance that patient safety is huge concern in developing countries. As per recent study, India is recording a whopping 5.2 million injuries each year due to medical errors and adverse events. Of these the biggest sources are mishaps from medications errors and hospital-acquired infection. For every 100 hospitalizations, there are approximately 12 adverse events in low and middle-income countries. Approximately 3 million years of healthy life are lost in India due to these injuries. Unfortunately we in India have not been consciously monitoring/measuring clinical outcomes and not recording the adverse events in majority of hospitals/nursing homes. This makes the task of ensuring patient safety rather difficult. AHPI for the first time in the country has come out with the two level patient safety standards i.e. Basic & Advance Patient Safety standards. These are based on globally established model in defining STRUCTURE, PROCESSES & OUTCOMES. The standards have been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and MOHFW, Government of India. AHPI Institute of healthcare quality has started 10 training programs for healthcare workers and professionals in order to improve the efficiency and enhance their skills.

The chapter with active support from central secretariat organised training programs as follows:-

  1. CIA-NABH Program at BLK Hospital 26th to 28th April 2013.
  2. CIA-NABH Program at Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad from 22nd March to 24th March 2013.
  3. CIA-NABH Program at Max Healthcare Delhi, 17-19th June 2013
  4. CIA-NABH Program at Asian Hospital Faridabad, 6th to 8th Aug 2014
  5. IPCN Program at Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital th July to 11th Oct 2014
  6. CAPA Training at Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital Delhi, 24th-25th Nov 2014
  7. CHQP Program at Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, 12th Dec 2104 to 12th Feb 2015
  8. Clinical Audit Program at Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, 29th November 2014.