AHPI Institute of Healthcare Quality

Quality in Healthcare is still in infancy in our country. This is largely on account that there still is huge gap in demand-supply of healthcare services. We urgently need to build capacity in Indian Healthcare Systems on all fronts i.e. availability, accessibility, affordability and finally the QUALITY. Government has steadily been losing its share in Health spending as corporate sector over past two decades have stepped up the investment by setting up of state of art hospitals. Alongside we have mushrooming growth of smaller hospitals/nursing homes in the private sector. Regulation over the years not being effective, have raised serious doubts in the standards of patient safety norms in the healthcare sector in the country. Consumer in general has neither the information nor the opportunity to choose particular service provider(s), in-spite of the fact that more than 70% expenses are borne out of pocket.We need to educate and empower the consumers, who can understand and demand quality. At the same time we need to enable healthcare providersto implement patient safety norms and strengthen health systemsin general, be it public or the private.

How Quality is different in Healthcare

Quality in healthcare is different in one way that it is directly linked to patient safety and therefore it plays pivotalrole in saving of human lives. Secondly Quality in healthcare does not come as on-off activity. Provider needs to establish structure, processes and monitor outcomes. Finally Quality in healthcare is result of TEAMWORK by all the categories of staff, be it Physicians/Surgeons,Nursing, Paramedics and Administration/Management. Accordingly there are three domains under which healthcare quality education/training is imparted.

  • Generic


    Here we cover general principles of quality, starting from historical quality evolution, stages like inspection, quality assurance, total quality management etc., quality management standards including series like ISO 9000, 14000, 18000 and 22000. In this segment we also cover quality tools like 5S, Kaizen, LEAN Health, Six Sigma, Balance Score Card etc.

Need for a Quality Institute in Healthcare and its scope