A self-realization through Ayurveda

Medical Director – Dr. Shyam’s Ayurveda Centre - Dubai

Every human is being a unique individual, full of idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. You are unlike any other human being in the past, present or future. Each human is a unique manifestation of the Creative Energy of the Nature. Ayurveda use the word “Svastha” to denote Healthy.
Sva = Self
Stha = Established
Svastha = Established in the Self

The term “Self” is the Ego (not the Freudian ego); the power of individual identity, which separates every being from another being. This power which forever reminds me that “I am I” is called Ahamkara (I former). Today’s physicians tend to ignore individuality. They often look at people as livers or lungs and neglect the organism that hosts that liver or lung.

Our body has two boundaries - external skin and internal skin lining internal organs. Nature gives us the space bounded by the skin and the digestive tract to call our own. Everything outside your external skin is a part of your environment; anything internal to your internal skin is also a part of your environment. You are a part of my environment and I’m a part of your environment. Nature is the sum total of all individuals and their environments. External factors try to invade our healthy body in the form of bacteria, virus, fungus, unhealthy foods, toxic substances, carcinogens, polluted air.

  • Human Aura is the first line of defense
  • Skin and lining of the gut is the second
  • Immune system is the third

Our immune system is a sense organ with a Sixth sense for intruders. It’s an intricate web of white blood cells, antibodies, T cells, B cells – a system of fascinating complexity controlled by a single boss – “Ahamkara” – I former. Ahamkara identifies itself with trillions of cells in the body. Your Ahamkara constantly reminds every one of your cells of it’s identity as a sub-unit of YOU. All aliens are hunted down, and ruthlessly slaughtered, and all rebel cells inside the body – mutant or cancerous cells – are mercilessly executed as a warning to other cells that might dare to resist Her rule. How about when this single boss Ahamkara is destroyed? You can remain alive and safe inside your castle only so long as your Ahamkara serves as your fort Governor. Diseases arise when Ahamkara is afflicted and immunity weakens. Therefore, realization and maintenance of Ahamkara holds the key to best medicine.

The basic knowledge of the body type helps one to determine the Self, and the most auspicious lifestyle that will ensure wellness and longevity: appropriate foods, herbs, exercise regimes, medicines, therapies, and even suitable professions. Ayurveda categorize human into body types as Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vatapitta, VataKapha, PittaKapha, VataPittaKapha and other combinations. Knowing one’s constitution holds the key to health, liberation and ultimately, self – realization.