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The Association of Healthcare Providers (India)'s vision is to have healthy India, encompassing society, community and common man at grass root.AHPI E - NEWSLETTER

AHPI Health E -Newsletter

Vol 1 , issue No 2  

     Month April 2015

Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani is founder Director General of newly constituted Association of Healthcare Providers (India).

Director General ( CEO) AHPI

Patient Safety has emerged as one of the major concern all over the world and more so among the developing nations. About 1000-babies die in India every day on the day they are borne. More than 200-young women die out of 100,000 live births for want of adequate patient safety measures. India has about 9.5 million deaths a year. Cardiovascular diseases account for nearly 27% of the deaths. Infectious and parasitic diseases account for nearly 20%. Respiratory infection (pneumonia) with 11%, Respiratory diseases (COPD, ASTHMA) with 9%, and Cancer with 8%, are some of the other causes of deaths.

From the Managing Editor’s Desk

Good quality health care should be a right, not a privilege. Improving quality of care is resource heavy but is not expensive when seen in totality; quality care leads to better health outcomes, reduces direct and indirect health expenditures, minimizes death and disability, shortens hospital stays, reduces overuse of drugs, diagnostics and medical procedures. In the broader realm, it increases the productivity span of individuals and families

Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani is founder Director General of newly constituted Association of Healthcare Providers (India).

About AHPI and its Initiatives

Association of Healthcare Providers (India) represents the vast majority of healthcare providers in India. It is registered under Society Registration ACT- 1860 as “not for profit” organization. It educates to its members and at the same time, advocates with the government, regulatory bodies and other stake holders on issues, which have bearing on enabling its member organizations in delivering of Universal Health Coverage to the community at large.

Award Winners – Conclave 2015

The AHPI’s second annual conclave on “Sustaining of Healthcare Services for National Well Being” was held at Marriott Convention Centre, Hyderabad on 23-24th Feb 2015. Conclave was attended by more than 500 delegates.

Clinical Column


Dr. Nandini R. MS, M.Ch ( Plastic Surgery ) Consultant Surgeon Corporate Hospitals Delhi NCR. Associated with Smile train Project USA

Medical Tourism

 Varsha Lafargue President ONEdir Clinics, Houston Texas Area USA & Chairperson ONE Healthcare Worldwide USA.

Reproductive tourism is enjoying a bit of an economic boom. People are traveling all over the globe to pay surrogate mothers to carry their embryos so they can have a child that is biologically related to them. A few come to the United States to find surrogates willing to rent their wombs. Many go to India, where a thriving trade exists in wombs for pay among the poorest residents. Soon some may be travelling to other nations to buy a womb to transplant from a woman willing to sell, as progress continues in uterine transplantation. Views about the morality of paid gestational surrogacy vary all over the globe. Many European nations outlaw it as do some American states. While most countries ban commercial surrogacy, but India remains a popular destination for “rent-a-womb” tourism, which brings in an estimated $500 million to $2.3 billion annually

Sujayanti Dasgupta
Healthcare Architect

M.Arch, Architecture (Specialization in Healthcare Architecture) Texas A&M University Ex Medical Planner WHR Architects, Dallas, USA Co Founder and Director at W-ARD FOUR Design Consulting Pvt Ltd Bangalore.

Hospital Architecture  & Design

Hospitals by definition, house some of the most vulnerable population in our cities, towns and villages. The safety and well-being of such a population that is unable to care for themselves and who have put their welfare in the hands of their caregivers then becomes entirely the responsibility of the hospital.

AHPI Chapters and Info about Chapters EC committee

Evolution of AHPI

The need to have PAN India association, representing healthcare providers, got originated during ANBAI meeting held at Cochin during August 2012. It was followed up with due consultation with industry leaders and Secretariat office was set up at IMA New Delhi on 5th November 2012.

International & National Healthcare News Clip

WHO calls on the world to “Gear up to End TB”.

19 MARCH 2015 ¦ GENEVA - As countries mark World Tuberculosis Day on March 24, WHO is calling for “global solidarity and action” to support a new 20-year strategy, which aims to end the global tuberculosis epidemic.

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Patient welfare and Coordination column

Technological innovation needs proper balance while maintaining best standard in Patient Care Management with Human Touch & Holistic Approach ....... Why not we make healthcare unit as Healing Paradise .
Joydeep Das Gupta Editor & Member National Tech Committee AHPI Ex HR & Administrator UCMS Medical college Nepal, Ex CAO KPC medical college Kolkata

Learning from WHO

As part of its global strategy to decrease the burden of foodborne diseases, WHO identified the need to communicate simple global health messages based on scientific evidence to train all types of food handlers, including consumers.

AHPI Training Programs

The Association of Healthcare Providers (India) believes in building capacity in Indian health systems with focus on safety and affordability.

Code of Ethics

Release of CODE of ETHICS for Healthcare Providers, jointly issued by IMA and AHPI. In fact this was distributed at IMA annual meet at Ahmedabad.

White paper submitted to HM

AHPI has been raising various concerns with the government which have been pain points with the Healthcare industry.

Healthcare Quotes and Messages

“If you talk a man in a language, he understand, that goes to his head, if you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart”

- Nelson Mandela

AHPI Photo Gallery

Editorial Desk

Dear Readers,

Hearty Greetings from AHPI ( Knowledge Hub ),

With this above quote in mind, my pen scribble down few lines for this ahpi e-newsletter second issue. We try to compile this e-newsletter very informative covering all important healthcare clinical as well as non-clinical aspects. But this e-news volume we mainly cover important highlights of AHPI 2nd conclave was held in Hyderabad in feb 2015.We are positive that reader definitely sent their feedback which is really valuable for our further enrichment of said e-newsletter.

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