• The Membership shall be open to all Healthcare Providers as organization(s) desiring to be enrolled as a Member and who believes in the aims and objects of the Society and such organization(s) has to apply to the President /Member Secretary on prescribed form to become a Member of the Society and the President may enroll the organization/person as member or may reject any or all applications received for this purpose, without assigning any reason.

  • Founder Members :

    The signatories to the Memorandum of Association shall be Founder Members of the society.

  • Honorary Members :

    A Governmentdepartment/Professional Institution/Public Undertaking/Regulatory Body/Development Authority or individuals who have distinguished themselves by virtue of significant contribution to the profession of healthcare and who fosters or subscribes to the objects of the society, may be admitted as honorary member (s).

  • Patron Members :

    Any Philanthropic organization or Trust or Society or any other organization which subscribe to the objects of the AHPI and donates the onetime/regular contribution as provided in the by-laws of the society may be admitted as a Patron Member.

  • Member :

    Any Healthcare Providing Organization i.e. hospitals/nursing-homes/clinics, diagnostic centers, which subscribes to the objects of the society and agree to pay subscription as per the by-laws of the society may be admitted as Member.

  • Associate Member :

    Organizations which provide support services to healthcare providers and are integral part of healthcare system including pharmaceutical, medical equipment companies, insurance providers and who subscribe to the aims and objectives of AHPI and want to contribute by way of educating to AHPI members, patients and community at large.