Patient Advisory and Publications


Patient Advisory and Publications:-

Currently there is no comprehensive source of patient and family education. Patient and family education (PFE) is an integral part of healthcare processes, which can contribute in reforming Health care systems.

An informed and educated patient and family can participate in his or her own treatment. It facilitate patients' and families' understandings of their health status, options, and consequences of care which help them in taking decisions and results in improve outcomes.

PFE also helps in better compliance to follow a health care plan, help in identifying errors before they occur, and reduce his or her length of stay. It increases patient confidence in treatment plan and Healthcare providers.

It is logical that organizations which focus on Patient education, experience increased customer satisfaction, improved efficiency through cost-effective care.

Challenges in Patient and Family Education:-

  • Patient and family education is time consuming process.

  • Communication and Language Barrier.

  • Availability of appropriate Education Material.

  • Availability of dedicated team for Education.

AHPI will be providing continuous education to patient and family on various topics which will help patients and Healthcare organizations both in providing Quality treatment and achieving greater patient satisfaction. As an initiative to educate patients AHPI will provide guidelines and publications which will help patients in taking decisions about appropriate healthcare for specific clinical circumstances. These advisories will be up-loaded from time to time including guidance for preventive healthcare interventions.