Patient's Rights and Responsibilities


Patient's Rights and Responsibilities :-

All the patients who access the services of any Healthcare organizations shall be aware of their Rights and Responsibility.

Awareness Help the Patient, Family and Healthcare Organizations to provide better services and achieve greater patient satisfaction.

Patients and family have the responsibility to:-
  1. Provide accurate and complete information about medical complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, pain, and other matters relating to their health.

  2. Follow the treatment plan recommended by those responsible for their care.

  3. Timely and accurate Payments for all the services as per the policies of the organization.

  4. Comply with all the Healthcare organizations rules and Regulations.

  1. Access to care: No patient shall be to be denied admission due to race, color, religion, ancestry, financial class or national origin.

  2. Respect and dignity: Respect and dignity to be provided for any Spiritual, cultural needs or any special references and Personal Dignity also to be maintained in all settings of the care.

  3. Privacy: Patient Privacy to be respected and maintained in all settings during all Procedures, Examination in the Healthcare Organizations.

  4. Confidentiality: Confidentiality to be maintained of all the Healthcare information and Records to be maintained all the time during discussion and treatment.

  5. Access to his/ her clinical Records: Accessibility to be provided to all the patients to their Clinical records.

  6. Personal safety and security: Patients' personal safety and security to be maintained and special precautions to be maintained for the patients with special needs.

  7. Refusal of treatment and Second opinion: During the treatment patient and family to be provided with all the information and options regarding treatment to make an informed choice including the options for refusal.
    (In case of refusal of treatment consequences to be explained)

  8. Right to information: Patient and family has the right to get information on following :-

    1. Expected cost: Hospital Tariff and Expected cost for all the availed services to be informed to the patients and family.

    2. Plan of Care, Progress, Expected Results, Complications, alternatives and information on other Healthcare needs.

    3. Voice a complaint and feedback: All the patients shall be educated or informed about the process of how to voice a complaint.