Safe Medication Use


Safe Medication Use:-

Large number of deaths and emergencies can be prevented if patients, family members and hospital staffs are aware of possible medication errors and preventive measures.

Medication incident are those which actually caused harm or had the potential to cause harm involving an error in the process of prescribing, dispensing, preparing, administering, monitoring or providing advice for medication advice. The most frequently reported types of medication incidents involve:

  • Wrong dose wrong medicine.

  • Wrong medication.

  • Missed medication.

  • Delayed medicines.

A medication incident is mistake with medication or a problem that could cause a mistake with medication. Medication incidents may involve use of prescription and non –prescription medications, natural health products, and devices or equipment used to administer medications. Medication errors or incidents can occur when medications are prescribed, dispensed, or taken.

Medication incidents can happen in hospitals, nursing homes, general physician's clinics, specialist clinics, pharmacies and at homes.