Healthcare in India is indeed passing through critical and at the same time exciting phase. Healthcare sector, till recently was not on political agenda. Majority of population was paying out of pocket on healthcare. Announcement of 'National Health Protection Scheme' by the government is destined to revolutionize the way we plan and deliver care. It is by far the biggest social healthcare insurance scheme anywhere in the world as it aims to cover whooping 500 million population with cover of five lakh Indian rupees per family. It is estimated that scheme will engage about 25000 public & private hospitals/nursing homes to deliver care to the beneficiaries. Providers will be hard put to deliver care at highly competitive price. It is big push towards INDIA coming in the league of select nations having universal health coverage. Healthcare industry would emerge in new AVATAR, which in time to come may prove to be role model and learning for many developing nations.

World Health Organization (WHO) recently came out with unique study, on the effectiveness of health systems covering 191-nations. It provides interesting comparisons and demonstrate that effectiveness of health systems does not depend on healthcare spending alone. It shows that future clearly belongs to how nations and individual healthcare providers will focus on improving effectiveness (patient safety) and efficiency (affordability) to deliver Value Based Healthcare, where healthcare providers are reimbursed based on patient health outcomes, i.e. moving from a 'fee-for-service to a fee-for-value system'.

Keeping above in view, AHPI as conglomeration of healthcare providers is organizing its 6th annual conclave on very contemporary topic i.e. "OUTCOME BASED HEALTHCARE DELIVERY SYSTEMS". Outcome based healthcare targets a more proactive approach to healthcare; creating a system that strives to maintain healthy populations and prevent illness. Conclave will deliberate on the related topics and come out with possible solutions. There will be discussions on emerging healthcare models, aimed at high reliability care. There will be exclusive sessions on how to improve clinical and managerial outcomes, integrating safety and sustainability. There will be session on how the hospital of future will be. The conclave for the first time will present practical model to apply 'Balance Score Card' and 'Cost of Quality' in healthcare. WHO global study on effective healthcare will be part of key note address.

The conclave will also encompass the unique blend of 5th edition of 'AHPI Awards for Excellence in Healthcare' which will be presented on the eve of 15th February 2019.

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